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Comprehensive IT Asset Disposal & Recycling Solutions

ClickIT Remarketing GmbH is a renowned IT asset waste disposal company, dedicated to providing IT asset disposal and recycling solutions. We excel in managing obsolete or non-functional IT equipment and components, repurposing them as raw materials for future applications. Our commitment to waste reduction and compliance with current legislative standards ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to IT asset management.

Backed by years of experience in waste avoidance and eco-friendly practices, we emphasize the importance of data security and environmentally responsible disposal of old appliances. By adhering to guidelines from the German Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI) for data media destruction, we ensure the highest level of data protection. Our nationwide services support clients in making a seamless transition to new IT equipment, while confidently entrusting us with the proper disposal and recycling of their outdated assets.


Processes to Prevent Waste

Eco-friendly IT Asset Disposal

Experience eco-friendly IT asset disposal and recycling with our certified waste disposal services. We transform outdated or non-functional IT appliances and components into raw materials for future use while prioritizing waste avoidance.

Data Security & Protection

Our commitment to data protection follows the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI) for data media destruction, ensuring the highest level of data security during the disposal process.

Comprehensive IT Asset Recycling

We offer expertise in the mechanical destruction of various EDP and IT appliances, providing free pickup and recycling services. From computers, servers, smartphones to cables, we responsibly manage your old devices.

Nationwide Consultation & Support

Rely on our nationwide services for environmentally friendly, rapid IT disposal and recycling. We support you in acquiring new electrical goods and responsibly disposing of old appliances, ensuring compliance with the latest legislation.

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Unlock the Benefits of Eco-friendly IT Asset Disposal & Recycling

By choosing ClickIT Remarketing’s sustainable IT disposal and recycling solutions, your business will reap numerous benefits while contributing to a greener future. Our eco-friendly practices not only help you meet your corporate social responsibility targets but also generate positive public perception and foster goodwill among stakeholders. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create tailored solutions that align with your business objectives and environmental goals.

In addition, our secure and efficient IT asset disposal and recycling process ensures complete data protection, providing peace of mind and reducing potential risks associated with improper disposal. Moreover, by optimizing the residual value of your retired IT assets, we help you recoup part of your initial investment, thus improving your bottom line. Experience the advantages of our environmentally responsible IT asset management services and make a positive impact on your business and the planet.

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Our proficient team offers a blend of extensive industry knowledge and unwavering support tailored to each client’s needs.


We provide eco-friendly solutions and services across the entire IT device life cycle, emphasizing environmental responsibility.


By extending the life of used IT equipment, we help businesses maximize their investments while minimizing their environmental impact.


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